Dear Future Mrs. MAC,

Okay, I had a dream last night and you were in it.

We were at a huge yarn store, which was holding a class upstairs. (We were there early to buy yarn before class, obviously).

So I bought some seriously UGLY yarn that was half solid white and half a really hideous yellow/orange color. It cost $6.25 for a skein (I remember this exactly), and I only needed one since I had MORE of this seriously ugly yarn at home.

You, on the other hand, were buying shoes. (Why was a yarn store selling shoes?? I have no idea). They were Pumas, with a navy blue swooshy thing, but they were kind of like blinged out Pumas because they had rhinestones and stuff all over them.

So I paid for my $6.25 yarn and then the lady rang up your shoes and they cost $1,400! And I was like “um Margaret, did you realize these are so expensive?!” and you were all “I know but they’re REALLY COOL! I must have them.” So I was kind of internally rolling my eyes, but I guess you can waste money if you want.

THEN we went upstairs to the knitting class and there were a lot of empty seats so we were trying to figure out where the best place to sit was, but every time we went to sit down some middle-aged lady with a bad haircut would give us the stink-eye and we’d keep walking.

So we ended up sitting at a dining room table at the side of the room, which happened to have dishes on it, so we thought “oooh, maybe we’ll get dinner and the rest of these old ladies won’t – ha ha!”

And then I woke up, so I’m not sure how the class went.

Isn’t that a kind of boring dream to have? I mean, why weren’t there any cute boys and couldn’t I at least have bought cashmere or something??

All this is to say WOW – has it been since January when we last posted??! That is bad, Margaret. We’ve got to step up our game. I guess you have an excuse since you’re planning a (hopefully) very frilly and pink wedding, but what am I doing? Working part-time and trying to keep the house clean. Big woo. I will do better! Maybe I will even post twice in a ROW. Crazytalk, but it’s possible.

So firstly, I’ve been doing some serious baby knitting. I finally sewed the button (it’s a snap, actually, with a button cover just for looks) on this cardi, for Tegan Kennedy (apparently Tegan is also the name of a girl in a band or somesuch? I don’t know, I am very out of the loop on these matters):

She doesn’t look too thrilled, but my cousin assures me that she was just a little fussy at the time.

I also finished this jacket for our friend’s daughter Leah, which was SEED STITCH. What the heck? Why do I keep making things with this FREAKING STITCH? Remind me not to do that again for a long time. Oy. But it was worth it because it turned out so adorably cute:

I made it with that Ella Rae Amity Solid we bought on one of our yarn crawls… I actually used stash yarn for something! Go me! Really I just wanted an excuse to buy cute buttons from Etsy.

And of course these socks (Child’s First Sock pattern by Nancy Bush), which took for-ev-er. (Have you seen The Sandlot? CLASSIC).

And, OBVIOUSLY, I’m working furiously (albiet making very very slow progress) on my bridesmaid shawl! No pictures yet, I will have to post those next time.

Phew. Now I need to get some new things on the needles… not sure what yet.

Did you figure out which shrug to make? I think I like the Posh Wedding Shrug best, although if you’re making it with black yarn Veronique is probably better, since it’s so sheer. I know it’ll be Halloween-time, but a solid black shrug just doesn’t seem very wedding-y. Just my opinion. Of course, I wore a cardigan at my wedding (duh, I am a cardigan-aholic) and worked well too. You definitely don’t want to be fussing with it when you’re trying to hug everyone!

That’s it for me (for now). I’m off to research yarn shops for your trip here in June – woo!


PS: post an engagement photo!


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