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OMG, what the heck am I doing right now?

What is this?  Am I?  Yes!  I’m blogging!!!! 

And I have something very blogworthy to share: I finished the center panel of the Crown Prince Square Shawl also known as the Wedding Shawl!  I don’t think I’ve mentioned on the blog that I’m getting married this October!  And this means for the next 10 months I am almost completely devoting myself to wedding knitting . . . I have several projects in mind.

But first!  The Wedding Shawl in all of her beauty:

 I had previously cast on for it  prior to getting engaged . . . anticipating that a proposal would be – HAD to be – coming soon.  That proved to be bad knitting karma (or something) because I totally screwed up, dropped a few stitches, and didn’t have any life lines to fall back on.  I ended up pulling out all my progress and setting it aside.

In November, when we got home from Hawaii and were officially engaged, I began again.  This time, I inserted life lines after every pattern repeat which helped me relax several times when I dropped a stitch or realized that I had done something wrong. 

Here’s a close up of all the knubs:

The knubs are 7 yarn overs in one stitch that you purl together on the backside row.  I learned early on that the yarn overs should be wrapped very loosely around the needle and a very pointy needle (I used addi turbo lace needles which have a longer, more pointed tip than regular addi’s) is helpful to pick up and purl without missing a single yarn over.  I mention this because you’ll be knitting lots of these knubs for the bridesmaid shawl!  Thank you for that, by the way.  Oh, and the yarn is back ordered so it’ll be about a month until it arrives in Virginia.

Today, I picked up the book French Girl Knits because I’m drawn to the pattern Veronique . . . I bought four skeins of black shimmery yarn for it (with a gift certificate I got from Ron for Christmas so I don’t think I’m *technically* breaking my yarn diet) because I’m thinking it might be a cute wedding reception shrug.  I know that I’ll want to take off the Wedding Shawl after the ceremony . . . it’ll be hard to dance and socialize in it and I don’t want to snag or get it covered in bloody mary (you never know!).  Something with sleeves seems ideal for the reception, don’t you think?


Other possible patterns for the reception under consideration are:

Posh Wedding Shrug

The Granny Smith Cardigan

Top-Down Shoulder Warmer

So, I have some mulling over to do . . . and I may not even decide until we go wedding dress shopping this May.

Next up, I need to finish the edging of the Wedding Shawl (Can’t WAIT to cast on the 400-plus stitches not once but TWICE) and sew it on. . . I want to finish my Victoria Yoke Pull-over (a left over knit from 2009 I am *this close* to finishing – I just need to find buttons and crochet them on.  I think this would be cute to wear in our engagement photos),  and knit a pair of gloves and a hat for R (two items he’s requested for a while and he’s proven himself to be very knit worthy) . . . then it’s on to the two bridesmaid shawls for the non-knitters of the group, my reception shrug, and maybe something for Ron to wear in our engagement photos (like a chunky scarf or something).  Yeah, that should keep my busy through October. . .

So . . . what’s going on with you?




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