It’s a sickness

Dear Anna,

I fell off the wagon.  I bought yarn.

You know how I imposed the No New Yarn Until Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest Rule?  I fully intended to knit from my very well-stocked yarn loft . . . and I still do . . . but I had a bit of a breakdown this past week.

It all started very well-meaning enough.  I was about to finish my Marlene’s and needed a new project.  Ron asked for a new beanie and he since he wears his current Koolhaas hat just about every day, he is definitely beanie worthy.  I wanted to knit a hat that would look like it came from one of the surf shops he typically goes shopping at – something on tiny needles with thin yarn.  I decided on the Pismo Beach Hat (Rav Link) but also briefly considered doing something similar to the Waffle Hat (Rav Link) only with lighter weight yarn.

This meant that I needed to pick up a skein of yarn since I didn’t have any sock yarn handy that met the needs of this particular man hat (i.e. in the colors of black, brown, blue, or gray – solid).  This also meant it was a perfect opportunity to check in on a brand new knitting store that just opened up in Vista about ten minutes from my office.  I didn’t take pictures (forgot my camera) but it’s a cute, somewhat small, but well-stocked store carrying a range of yarn. Friendly without breathing down your neck or pestering you. I selected a skein of Heritage Solid Sock by Cascade (I knit my Marlene’s out of this yarn and I LOVE it) and a skein of Jawoll Superwash Lang Yarns in blue so Ron could choose.  Then, I saw that they were having a 30 percent off sale on Jitterbug . . . and they had the mostly lovely shade of gold.  Behold the goodness:

Dreamy, Smooshy, Golden Jitterbug

Dreamy, Smooshy, Golden Jitterbug

So, $14 per skein is a deal (original price $21) . . . so I bought two. One just isn’t enough for a pair of socks for me but I actually don’t plan on turning these into socks.  I envision this dreamy, smooshy, golden goodness to become a Multnomah, an herbivore, or an Aestlight.

So, I broke down . . . I bought when I shouldn’t have, it’s a sickness this compulsion for on sale Jitterbug . . . but from here on out I’m going to stay strong! 

And in the meantime, I have five inches of 1×1 twisted rib a head of me.  I guess I didn’t get enough of the twisted rib when I finished Marlene:

Twisted Rib Insanity = Marlene

Twisted Rib Insanity = Marlene

They are lovely though.  I’m wearing them now and I just adore the Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn.  ADORE it.  It reminds me of Lorna’s Lace . . . but cheaper. The stitches just pop and the color selection is tremendous. Plus, the price is more than decent at approx. $12/skein. Anna, you must try it.

So, that’s it from So Cal.  It’s another sunny autumn day!  I think I felt a tinge of cold in the air but then it went away.  🙂




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  1. wow… your going to Maryland for yarn? I am definitely jealous. I’m going to give Delilah a squeeze to remind me why I can’t go… have fun!

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