It is cold.  Like, 57 degrees in the house cold.  Like, I’m wearing a cowl and fingerless gloves right now cold.  OMG.


We ain’t in Southern California anymore, my friend.  We are in a place with actual WEATHER.

But I cannot complain because it’s my very favorite time of year (it just kind of snuck up on me, is all).  Autumn, oh Autumn, how I love you.  I love clomping through the leaves in the backyard on my way to hang up some laundry on the line (yeah, it’s 54 degrees, so what? it’ll dry eventually) and pumpkin-flavored things and having to wear a jacket when you leave the house.    Hurrah for such a glorious season!

I can’t believe that Sylus thing, M! I am CRAZY JEALOUS… why do I not have any sheep herding friends?? Man. I’m excited to see what you make. I need to make The Professor a cowl, so I need to look into yarn for that too. I’m glad to hear that the Cascade sock yarn is so good! I can’t remember how much it was, but I think Cascade goes on sale pretty often so now that I know I’ll be on the lookout.

In other news I tried out a new yarn shop last weekend while we were visiting our nation’s capital.  I’m pretty sure Obama flew over us in his helicopter while we were walking to the Jefferson Memorial and I’m pretty sure he waved at me.  Pretty sure.  I’d also like to point out that I walked three miles on Monday afternoon – this was after the million miles we’d walked that morning – to see Mr. Jefferson (looking good!) and go to Thai food.  Why is everything so SPREAD OUT up there?  Geez louise, it’s ridiculous.  OH, and my knitting shoes (I’m pretty sure they must be knitting shoes since they were selling them at Sock Summit) broke while we were there.  I’d like to take a moment to pay homage to my Cordovan Dansko Professional Cabrio Clogs.  Sniff.


Oh fabulous Danskos, you were with me in college as I slogged my way across WWU’s campus to make it to class and hustled to and from the bus stop.  You were there whenever I went home to WA and needed good rain shoes and of course who can forget your fateful trip to Ireland, where you were indispensable in keeping my feet toasty and dry.  You and I have clomped up and down the California coastline as well as along the Grand Canyon and New England.  You were an honest pair of shoes, worth every penny, and lasted a good 8 years.  I shall be replacing you as soon as I am able (albeit in a smaller size because you made me trip a lot… I blame you and not my innate clumsiness) but it won’t quite be the same. Since you BROKE IN HALF across the ball of the foot. Sad.


Anyhoo, what the heck was I talking about? Oh yeah. DC. Right. Well we did stop in at Stitch DC, a lovely little shop in a nice neighborhood.  I didn’t actually buy anything, which is totally depressing, but I’m trying to be strong!  I mean, we have Maryland Sheep & Wool in May, so I have to save my pennies. They did have some locally spun/dyed yarn, which is awesome, but it was kind of rough and I am such a wimp that it wasn’t soft enough for me! It WAS a nice place though, so next time you’re in the District of Columbia you should check it out! (No man cave this time though, just warning you).


In retrospect, I should have taken more handknits with us, but we didn’t expect it to be so cold! We had a great time though – we will definitely be back. So many museums! So many monuments about things of which we know nothing! It would take forever to see it all.

Hope you’re enjoying your beachy weather. I have to go make some more tea.



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