Don’t Call it a Comeback!

Dear Anna,

How exciting!  Our new revitalized blog is BACK.  But, don’t call it a comeback.  We’ve been for years!  Rockin’ our peers and putting knittas in fear . . .

Oh.  Got a little carried away with the Ladies Love Cool J lyrics. Where is that guy these days anyway? 

So, I received the most thoughtful unexpected gift ever last week.  A friend of R’s is pretty fascinated that I knit – but in a good way.  You can tell when some one is incredulous and thinks your pretty much the queen of dorks when you tell them that you knit and when some one is truly interested and curious about why you do it and how it really only takes two sticks and a piece of string to make something useful and beautiful.

As it turns out, he HAPPENED to know someone who raises and cares for sheep (like an aunt by marriage or something) and  said he was going to ask for some yarn and have it sent to me. That was awhile go and I totally forgot.  You know, it’s the thought that counts and whatever. . .

Then one evening, The Boyfriend came hope with a bag and in  it was three skeins of hand spun, undyed, sport weight yarn from a sheep named Sylus (an awesome name for a sheep, by the way):

Sylus the Sheep Yarn

Sylus the Sheep Yarn

 The Boyfriend has requested a pair of fingerless gloves out of it.  And I think I’d have enough for a hat and maybe even a beret or hat for me.  We’ll see . . . because first I need to finish my Marlene socks (Rav Link).

They are a little slow going because of all the twisted stitches. I’ve also had to tink back several times from screwing up the pattern.  The pattern itself isn’t difficult.  In fact, I pretty much memorized after completing the second repeat. 

I’m using Cascade Sock Yarn (Rav Link) which I am seriously impressed with.  The color is beautiful and the yarn feels resilient.  I bought it for about $12 while in your home town (or, just outside of your hometown – at the shop with the awesome sign of the sheep wearing a top hat) and the yardage is seriously good.  I would totally buy this stuff again.

By the way, your review of DB Magazine was pretty righteous (I’m listening to 80s music so that word just needed to be used).    I am surprised by how much I like the sweater coat on the cover.  But alas, I am on a major yarn diet until spring of 2010 . . . I am determined to make it to the Maryland Seep and Wool Fest next year!

Happy knitting!

Love, Margaret


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