New Blog (kind of)!

Dear Margaret,

So yeah.  Guess it’s been awhile… went to Europe, got The Professor all “official” with his PhD and moved 3000 miles to the Historic Triangle on the peninsula of Virginia. I officially live in a commonwealth.  (Contrary to popular belief we do not all wear colonial garb, though I WISH it were required.  It would make going to the gym much more interesting).


At least we have knitting weather around here, and I plan on putting all my wool to good use.  Speaking of which, I just finished my first (adult-sized) sweater in a wonderfully soft cotton/silk blend (yeah yeah, it’s not wool, but go with it).  It’s a butter yellow color so it goes with a lot of the neutrals in my wardrobe.  That seed stitch is a KILLER though.  Margaret, why didn’t you warn me about this?!  It took me a year to finish just because of all that freaking SEED STITCH.  It looks really cool though, so I guess I can’t complain too much.


Just have to note that this photo was taken in our backyard which IS AWESOME. The cotton was kind of hard on the ol’ hands too.  😦  Whine, whine, whine… I am an expert.  I still have juuust under 3 skeins left so if anyone wants to purchase them for a nominal fee, please let me know!

We were in Arizona last week with my in-laws and ended up (it was my MiL’s fault, I PROMISE) at Knit Happens, where I planned to buy nothing so of course walked out with size 0 Lantern Moon sock stix, 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Rialto in a beautiful deep chocolate brown (50% off! come on now) and the Fall/Winter 2009 edition of Debbie Bliss magazine.  It’s my first DB Mag experience and I love a few of the sweaters (duh, that’s why I plunked down my eight bucks), plus there’s an “At Home: British Style” section which is perfect for an Anglophile like me.

Debbie Bliss Magazine 003

However. Wow. Having a whole magazine about yourself is kind of weird. But hey, it works for Oprah. Can you imagine if the Yarn Harlot had a magazine? There could be regular columns entitled “Another Reason I Love Canada” and a fashion corner with the latest clothes she borrowed from her daughters and/or found on the floor of the closet.

Anyhoodle, so just for all our faithful readers, here is my official DB Mag Review:

It starts out with a letter from DB herself (!), blah, blah. This is followed by a section entitled “The Blissful Life,” where Deb shares what are purported to be her personal collections of items around her home, such as antique fabric and – whoops! – her new yarn line! Now how’d THAT get on the coffee table?! Also photos of a “small but delightful” haberdashery (what the?) in Paris. But of course. I realize that I have been known to travel to Europe and mostly love antique linens and all, but sheesh. Maybe this a fantasy sort of magazine? I mean, I guess normal things, like throw pillows you bought at Target are kind of boring. I just hope she doesn’t think regular people actually live like this.

Then we have “My Knitting Friends.” Yes Debster, you’re famous, that’s awesome… but are these people really your FRIENDS? Like, do you meet for coffee? I question this. The article is good though, and long, so it’s not just a one page summary or anything. It’s also a person I’d never heard of so that was interesting.

But now, NOW is where the oddest part comes in… the “Ask Rosy” section where you can ask all your burning knitting questions. This makes sense, although answering technical questions is kind of boring to read. I should propose a question column to IK that will have things like “I love my boyfriend but he’s allergic to wool and I want to have my own sheep farm, WHAT DO I DO?!” That would be way more fun. And interesting. So anyway, the point of DB’s column is to answer specific technique questions about HER OWN PATTERNS. Snoozefest, seriously. The hilarious part is that it makes DB patterns seem like they’re so poorly written that they need an entire magazine page to answer questions about them! I mean, I guess it could just be a lot of knitters who don’t understand pattern terminology and haven’t mastered the art of Google… but still. It makes me nervous about trying one of the patterns.

Alright, so then the parade of patterns comes along, with wintery stuff (I totally want to make this:


and this:)


and cutesy animal scarves for the kids. Some super chunky knits too, which I have lately become a fan of. If only I could get The Professor into wearing cardigans. It makes sense, right? Cardigan + elbow patches x pipe = professor. So yeah. Then some baby jazz, which was prettily photographed but doesn’t really grab me. A baby blanket in 27 balls of Cashmerino Aran? (For those who don’t know, each ball costs between $8-10!) I don’t think so, lady.

Then we end up with a fisherman’s gansey that looks nothing like one… probably “inspired by” I guess. And the duder they have modeling it look like a girl. Is it just me?


Except for the little beard. So you know.

So in sum, the patterns are awesome (some Ravelers complained about a lack of multiple photos of each project, but I didn’t think it was too bad) and it’s a little heavy on the self-awesomeness. But the magazine is CALLED Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine so she’s allowed. I certainly would! Well maybe I would… I don’t know, a magazine AND a yarn line sounds like too much work. But I’d definitely include that Knitter Personal Problems column too – that would be awesome!

Love from ye olde colonial-land,


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  1. debtog

    hey…admit it…you were happy that I WANTED to go to a knitting store…and I didn’t have to twist your arm or anything! Besides the guys loved sitting in the man-cave and watching Food Network! Now if we can get them to make the meal they saw being made!

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