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High Fashion Beer Can Hat?

Dear Anna,

I’m so glad it’s spring! St. Patrick’s Day always signifies the beginning of the Spring/Summer months that I love. The only downside is that there is less opportunity to wear wooly knits. That’s why I’m working like crazy on my Wicked. I want to finish so I can wear it once or twice before it gets too hot.

I’ve actually made real progress – I’ve been working on Wicked almost exclusively all month and I’m about 3/4 done.

I just finished the last decrease round for waist shaping and now just need to add a few inches of length before starting the increasing around my hips. My only concern right now is that the arm holes seem a little big – otherwise the sweater fits nicely.

With the beautiful weather outside I could resist and cast on for a pair of Jaywalkers in sunshine yellow:

St. Patrick’s Day is an interesting holiday because it generally involves beer . . . and that can lead to some UNIQUE fashion choices . Ron and I were at a pub that Saturday and there were a few poeple wearing beer label crochet hats. Yes, I did just say “beer label crochet hats.”

The quality of photos aren’t so hot because I was trying to be incognito with the camera (not as easy as it may seem . . . .). I googled the pattern but couldn’t find one but I did find this jewel of a photo! Behold:
Apparently there is a designer named Meghan Fabulous who incorporated the beer can crochet hat into her 2007 collection. I don’t even have the words. . . just. . . woah.


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Éire go Brách!

Dear Margaret,

On this day of Patrick the Saint, allow me to take the opportunity to say that I heart Maureen O’Hara .

She’s beautiful, was born in Ireland and has THE BEST hair color. In case you’re wondering where you’ve seen her, she’s the Mom on the original Parent Trap. She looks like a pretty pretty princess in this picture and it makes me happy. I’ve been thinking a lot about Ireland lately, as we’re planning a trip for September. Before we started our research, most of what I’d known about the country was based on Lucky Charms commercials and Darby O’Gill and the Little People, so I’m not all that educated. I’m getting better, though. I just watched a whole hour on the History Channel about the history of St. Patrick’s Day and everyone knows the History Channel makes you smart.

So I’ve been working diligently on Gustavo’s scarf, which is long and very hairy. I made it in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, which is a 50/50 wool/alpaca blend. It’s my first alpaca experience and I’m a little annoyed with the shedding issue.

It seems like it will be warm though, which is important since Gustavo is originally from Argentina, moved to Calfornia and now lives in Massachusetts. It like, snows there and stuff. I used the Yarn Harlot’s pattern for the One Row Handspun Scarf. It’s good because it’s not too girly and looks impressive, even though it’s super easy.

He’d requested black yarn, but I just couldn’t do SOLID black – so I chose a nice charcoal instead. I think it looks quite nice. Especially with the track jacket on this attractive model.

I have some leftover yarn, so I’m making him a pair of fingerless mitts to go with. I’m using the pattern in the book you gave me for Christmas last year (or was it my birthday? so hard to keep track). I may have to modify it a bit as I go along – so far I’ve only done the ribbing for the cuff.

Dude, speaking of cupcakes I had a brilliant idea the other day. Someday when we live in a place with more than one bedroom AND we have a daughter – I am totally decorating her room in cupcakes and/or baked goods. So cute! Little knitted cupcakes everywhere. Or maybe like a French Provincial theme? Knitted baguettes and berets! I have a vision, and it is lovely.

We’ll bake with the butterfly cupcake thing for the baby shower, okay?

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Dear Anna,

The lace shawl is really impressive! What is even more impressive is that you are knitting shawls not only for the bride but for the bridesmaids too!! Plain old stockinette socks will be your friend after the wedding is over.

I don’t have much to share this week. I cast on for Wicked ( Ravelry link) by Zephyr Style last Thursday at knit night. I was drawn to this pattern because of all the options . . . you can knit it in worsted weight or lace weight yarn . . . with short or long sleeves . . . with or without the front pocket. Some knitters have even converted it into a cardigan (like THIS and THIS super adorable example). My plan is to knit a 3/4 length sleeve without the front pocket.

Wicked at Mission Bay

Hey, did you know that has three whole web pages dedicated to cupcakes??? Check out this train and butterfly cupcake mold! If I had kids I’d be all over these for birthday parties. And the cupcake courier solves that age old question of how to successfully transport cupcakes without spillage or frosting getting all over the place…..

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Almost Famous

Dear M,

OMG, OMG, OMG, that is the greatest picture ever. That Ronald is a brilliant photographer. If he ever wants to give up his career as a surfing biologist, he could totally do knitwear photos for a living. But seriously though, that thing is huge. I like the idea of a wearable blanket, do you think your Mom would make one for me? I’d ask my Mom but she hasn’t really done any fiber work since she cross-stitched me a Christmas Ornament circa 1981.

Did notmartha design that? Wow. And also, why does notmartha rock so hard?? Every time she posts I learn something new. Must be because she lives in Seattle.
In knitting news, I have been working hard on Staci’s wedding shawl and it is FINISHED!

We took these pics on Sunday, which was INSANELY windy so please excuse the crazy hair and rather hurried photos. I almost didn’t want to do it, but then I thought of the fans and was determined (must have been inspired by your previous post… also I was on a sugar high from eating too many Thin Mints). I think it came out pretty good, right? Does it look bridal enough? Grandpa said it “should be fuzzier” but I don’t think the bride would be thrilled by that prospect.

Also it will look better over a wedding dress rather than a $7 t-shirt from Old Navy, but you get the drift. It only took 3 skeins of the Debbie Bliss Cathay I bought on super sale at Wildfiber (I mean come on, $5 a skein for DB?!). You cannot pass that up. It’s nice and soft and blocked out well, but is a tad splitty so it was sometimes a little annoying to work with.

Wow. You can TOTALLY see where I arsed (warning: I am a Yarn Harlot groupie) up the shoulder seam. Yikes, that is so not cute. I guess it’s time I come clean and let you all know that I am not that great of a knitter. I can sort of follow a pattern and sometimes understand gauge, but for the most part I’m pretty hopeless. Whenever I actually swatch (which is almost never) I have to take it to Knit Knight so Rose can tell me which needle size looks best. I am telling you – hopeless!

Anyhoodle, in other news I totally forgot to tell you that I am (slightly) famous! Amy Singer loves me!! Okay not really. But I DID make it into the 2008 Knitting Calendar Contest Honorable Mention Gallery. Woo hoo!! I only recently discovered that I had been given such an honor for reasons that are too embarrassing to divulge here (namely that I was bored one day, Googled myself, and found that I was listed under Knitty in Flickr). See? Embarrassing. I will understand if you no longer want to be friends. The list has been up since November. Oops.

Neal was understandably disappointed that our joint venture (I bought the yarn knitted the bowls, felted the bowls and posed for the pictures – he took the pictures) was not going to be forever immortalized in an official Knitting calendar but since there are 87 photos in the set and 12 more made it into the calendar… that means some people didn’t make it into anything at all, right? Right?! Tell me I’m not totally delusional. More than 99 people entered pictures, I’m sure. Probably.

Love and marriage,

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