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This one goes out to the fans . . .

Dear Anna,

I covet your Monkey socks! And I am reminded of my Monkeys that sit languishing in my frog pile. Maybe I’ll pull those out again this week. Big sigh.

Anyway. I thought you might want to see my new poncho! I did not knit this . . . my mom did. A few years ago when I was just picking up my needles I had made a comment in passing to her that I thought that the Villa pattern from (Ravelry Link) was cute. In my defense, it was an innocent statement about a garment that seemed whimsical yet comfortable – mostly I think I just liked the picture of the girl, I don’t think anyone can argue that she doesn’t look cute. Anyway, my mom – God Bless – is not one to forget about things like this. I thought the Villa poncho was long forgotten until a few months ago when she told me she was knitting one for me. Now, you can’t tell your mother – the woman who gave you LIFE for goodness sake- that she shouldn’t knit you a poncho. Of course I was enthusiastic and told her that I couldn’t wait! A few weeks ago I saw her and she gifted it to me . . .

(My over the top poncho . . . pun intended. . . har.

R helped me recreate the photo from Knitty – pretty good, right?!)

I have to be careful when I wear this that I also wear pants . . . or else it could look a little cave womanish as R so helpfully pointed out:

(Me as cave woman . . . possible Halloween costume this year?)

In the end, this poncho is probably not something I would venture out into public wearing but around the house it is amazingly warm! It’s made out of some sort of mystery mohair but it is surprisingly not scratchy. Plus, I am always looking for ways to stay warm around here (read: no heater . . . RON). I guess the whole theory that a poncho is functional like a mitten, trapping body heat close to the body, is true. So, there you go.

I do have a FO to share:

These are my Lichen Ribbed Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. It has a Welsh Heel and a Star Toe of Three Points. I used Noro Kureyon Sock yarn that I bought at the Needlecraft Cottage in Pacific Beach. I really liked this pattern and will definitely knit it again although I’ll use a different toe . . . I prefer the toes that use grafting rather than the ones that require you to draw the tail yarn through the end to cinch it closed.

I have a mixed review of the yarn itself. The colors are gorgeous and I liked the fact that it had a hand spun quality with thick and thin spots . . . but I HATED all the flipping knots! Seriously, I had to pause every few rows to untangle the yarn. Plus, toward the end of the second sock there was a splice and the joined yarn wasn’t consistent in color . . . but since I was at the toe it wasn’t that noticeable. I made these socks “fraternal” – meaning that I didn’t try to match up the stripes in the socks. . . I wanted to just go with it. Overall, I’m really pleased with these socks!

Before I sign off, I’d like to give a shout out to the fans. I think I can speak for both of us when I say YOU are the reason we blog about our knitting adventures – the highs the lows. Knitting is a lot like life in that way. . .


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The Nerdiness Within

Dear Miss Margie (why didn’t I think to call you this before – it’s just like Big Love… I’ll be Nikki),

Your Koolhaas hat rocks my world. I am just in awe of that colorway… makes me think of the season(s) that Southern California is sorely lacking. And tell your “friend” there that it makes his head look very youthful.

Anyhoo, I finished my Monkey Socks! They are so gorgeous and comfy. I may wear them until I die. Or until bed. The pattern is so lovely to work with and they knit up super fast (at least for me). It could be that I am a hand spun/dyed sock yarn convert, which sounds expensive so that must be about right.

The socks, admiring some art:

We are travelling to San Luis Obispo this weekend and I’m hoping to stop at at LEAST a couple of yarn shops along the way to experience some fiber goodness. I started Staci’s wedding shawl, but haven’t even purchased the yarn for the bridesmaid shawls. I’m having trouble deciding if I want worsted or lace weight. Maybe Malabrigo lace? But I don’t want it to be too light and fluffy. Sigh. My life is tough.

Also… yo, check it:

The expiration date on my yogurt is February 29th! Am I wrong to be excited by this? I think it’s super cool – but then, I am probably a huge nerd. I am also currently flipping between “Father of the Bride” (1991 version) and “Parent Trap” (1998 version – oh Lindsay Lohan my heart weeps for how adorable you were) so if that makes me a nerd then darn it, I embrace the nerdiness within.

Think I’ll go have some yogurt.

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Koolhaas – A Day at the Beach (and Park)

I finished Koolhaas this weekend! I won this yarn in a bet with Ronald a couple of months ago during fantasy football (my team beat his – yeah, that’s right). We went to the Needlecraft Cottage and I picked out this gorgeous skein of malabrigo in Autum Forest. I tried knitting a Coloromitry with this skein but didn’t like the way the colors pooled. Here you can see how the green and brown pool but it’s not as bad – in fact I like the way the colors sort of spiral around the hat.

I had a heck of a time with the first decrease round. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong until I realized that I was reading “K2tbl” as Knit two together through the back loop instead of just Knit two through the back loop. I will say that this hat required a lot of concentration in general. Next time maybe I’ll learn how to cable without a cable needle . . . I knit Koolhaas for my brother who turned 31 on January 11 . . . ooookay, little late but he’ll love it (well, he better if he knows what is good for him!).

So today is Ron’s birthday! The big 36! We did whatever he wanted . . . which meant we woke up early and went to the beach – no big surprise there. While he surfed I wandered along the sand and took photos of a few of my WIPs and FOs:

Ron points out where he’s going to sit once he gets in the water.

I’m quite proud of the top view – all the pretty decreases that I labored over!

Noro Sock in its natural environment

I LOVE this sock yarn. I love the way the colors transition from greens to blues to browns. I think these are going to be perfect for camping especially – wooly and warm.

After the beach we had breakfast at St. Tropaz in Encinitas (super good outdoor cafe) and the weather was PERFECT – a balmy 70 degree day. We did a little shopping at the mall (I bought a pair of sunglasses but I think they are too big for my face . . . cripes!) and then because the weather was too nice to go indoors we went to the park where I worked on my second Noro sock and contemplated my next project. Ron fell asleep, as he does:

So. . . I actually SWATCHED (I never do that!) for my next major project . . . I’ve decided to knit a 3/4 sleeve version of Wicked (with or without front pocket – haven’t decided yet). I’m going to use Cascade 220 in a pretty heathery purple:

My gauge came out spot on so I can move forward with the pattern . . . but FIRST I have one more small project I want to get out of the way for February . . .

Oh! And I almost forgot . . . I saw my mom this weekend and I got my poncho! There WILL be photos coming – stay tuned you will not want to miss this!


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First Post, part deux

We haven’t really figured out how we’re going to do this whole blogging thing yet. You’ll note that Margaret wrote the first post, I am writing the second, etc. We kind of have Mason-Dixon thing going on… except that neither of us have kids, only one has a husband, and we live about an hour apart. With Southern California traffic that translates into about three… but still, kind of similar.

We chose our completely long and arbitrary name on a whim whilst at the Los Angeles Public Library awaiting the arrival of the Yarn Harlot. We got there approximately 4 hours early (nobody was around save for the security guard who eyed us suspiciously and then left when he saw that we were harmless knitters – ha!). I ran upstairs and grabbed an armful all the knitting books that caught my eye. One of them contained this little gem of a line and I jokingly told Margaret that “when we have a blog, that’s totally what we’re calling it” and voila. Aren’t you happy to know that absolutely no time or thought went into the naming of this thing? You’re very welcome.

I’ve been knitting since, oh, around 2004 when I took a knitting class through the local community college. It was a good way to learn since the class was small and I got plenty of individualized attention. I floundered around a bit before taking on the more intricate stuff – I went straight from hats/scarves to socks, thanks to Knitting Rules and its encouragement to make mistakes and see what happens. Clearly Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has had a strong influence on me.

Amazingly, Margaret and I are working on the same sock pattern at the same time. Whoa, that never happens. I’m using some gorgeous handspun I bought in Portland. So far I only have one finished… I did try to take photos outside, but it’s raining (yay!) so they ended up looking like something out of a scary movie.

It’s like artistic. Or something.

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